Win the “Best Guest” award this summer

Are you spending the summer with friends and can’t think of the perfect thank you present? You can’t give them another bottle of wine (that you’ll probably drink for them anyway) or another food hamper (that they will probably invite you round to eat with them!) so what better than one of our bespoke silhouette artworks over an antique map of the holiday destination. 

To give you some inspiration we’ve featured some lovely stories below from customers who have definitely won “Best Guest Award” for their thoughtful thank you gift.





Rose was invited to stay for a week on her boyfriends family yacht on the coast of Norway. On her return she thought “What could she possibly give the future in-laws as a thank you ?” So we created this gorgeous bespoke boat silhouette which went down a treat.









Belinda visits her closest friend, Bernard, on the Island of Saint Vincent every year and this year was no exception. However, this year the visit was to celebrate the big four zero, a milestone that can’t go uncelebrated and when a bottle from duty free just won’t cut it. Our bespoke beach silhouette ticked the box for an unforgettable gift and will remind Bernard of the celebrations until they are reunited next year.







All three of Oriels Children have attended the same summer camp in the south of France for 5 years. This year the couple who run the camp have decided to retire and Oriel wanted to get them a gift to say thank you for so many summers of fun. They love their running and every morning, at the crack of dawn they go for a jog in the mountains. So we created this couple running silhouette for Oriel to give them as a retirement gift.











The Stamford Family headed up to Scotland this year to spend two weeks of the summer at a family friends house near Fort William. The holiday was action packed including sailing, walking and cycling with the whole gang. As a thank you we created a bespoke family silhouette of them hiking up Ben Nevis, their favourite moment of the holiday together.








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