LOVE LETTERS – A Celebration of the written word

When questioned, some might argue that a handwritten letter is an archaic and inefficient way to show your thanks or affection. Yet, for us, these tangible, well-thumbed declarations of gratitude or love count amongst our most treasured possessions. They are read and rediscovered time and time again and feel much more personal than the modern-day text or email message.

With the plethora of modern forms of communication, we are perhaps accustomed to communicating with our loved ones now more than ever before. Yet whilst scrolling through archived digital messages can bring back fond memories, there is still nothing quite like a solid pen-scribed note declaring thanks or affection to sit timelessly in our memory boxes.

As part of our celebration of the written word this Valentine’s Day, we look at why handwritten letters mean so much to us and what inspires us to put pen to paper.


Thank You letters are the perfect way of showing someone you how much you appreciate a gift or their hospitality. Taking the time to put pen to paper is a small, but symbolic gesture of how grateful you are



Birthday cards are a fantastic celebration of the person you love being that year older (and hopefully wiser!) A great time to reflect on the good times you’ve had together over the last year and look forward to the year ahead.



Thinking of you cards are always a good way to show someone you are there to support them through a big life event or occasion. New school, job interview, off travelling, big exam; any life changing experience deserves a hand written card or gesture to let the person know you are thinking of them and that you’ll be there whatever the outcome.

Condolence letters. Often the hardest letters to write, but also the most precious to receive. It will bring a tear to the recipient’s eye but it must also make them smile. When someone dies, it’s their memories that keep them alive in our hearts, make sure you bring a smile to their face by reliving some favourites in your note.


Congratulations on your…engagement, new baby, new home, the possibilities to give your friends and loved one’s good wishes are endless. These life events won’t be easily forgotten but make sure they know you are thinking of them at this happy time.



Love letters. Like most modern couples, digital communication by text message or email occurs several times a day. It’s easy to go months without telling your other half how much you love them. Don’t forget the most important letter of all…even if it’s three words on a post it note stuck to their pillow.



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