Atlas & I Love Stories

On December 29th 2013, Josh and Isabel met by chance in a bar in Miami while on holiday with their families. Since then, their love of travel has taken them to numerous countries and hotels, their progress marked by a scratch map Isabel gave Josh.

Throughout their adventures, Josh was secretly collecting the key cards from every hotel, saving them in a plastic business card folder. With every trip, the folder became more and more filled, mapping out their adventures over the years.

Josh was unsure of what to do with his keepsakes until he came across a photograph from Atlas & I on Instagram. He contacted us to ask whether it might be possible to create a bespoke cover to wrap around his business card holder. We suggested he send it over so we could see what we could do. After measuring the dimensions and coming up with a template, we printed, cut and stitched a leather cover. Josh chose to use an antique map of New York, as this is where Isabel worked during the first year of their relationship.

Josh gave us a brief explanation when he first commissioned the card holder, but didn’t share the true significance of his present until December, when, by sheer coincidence, both Josh and Isabel’s families happened to be on holiday in Miami simultaneously. Capitalising on this opportunity, Josh planned a treasure hunt for Isabel. “She loves investigative mysteries, so I decided to create a mystery of my own.” Exactly three years after they met, on December 29th 2016, Josh arranged for Isabel to meet his sister for a drink. Josh’s sister, who was in on the plan, handed Isabel a package. Inside was the leather business card holder, containing the cards from every hotel they had stayed in together. Right at the back was a new key and a message telling Isabel to go and look in the car outside.

In the car, Isabel found a trinket box which could be opened with the key. In the box was a riddle, which Isabel decoded as the location of a hotel. Isabel found the beautiful hotel, and on the candlelit roof, with a view over the whole of Miami, Josh was waiting for her on one knee with a ring.

Josh and Isabel came downstairs to find their families waiting to congratulate them on their engagement. They plan on getting married next year in Scotland, a place close to Isabel and her family.






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