Atlas & I is a unique gift company, creating bespoke location based gifts using antique maps.

Founded by designer Sophie Kirkpatrick in 2011, the personalised gift company offers a variety of personalised products ranging from stationery to homewares, all made to order in Great Britain.

Their unique silhouette  are made by overlaying an outline of a hobby, memorable event or iconic scene on a reproduction vintage map relevant to the subject. This means that all the pictures created by Atlas & I are personalised to each and every customer. The various outlines available can be found in the silhouette section of the website that continues to grow week by week with more exciting silhouettes and themes. In the true nature of the business, Sophie still creates one off silhouettes based on photographs she is sent, to make that extra special picture.

The bespoke leather stationery range grew organically in the first year of the business through popular demand and now encompasses journals, photo albums and guest books. The team individually print and stitch the covers of every journal or album ordered, binding them over the soft Italian paper by hand in their studio in London.

Atlas & I’s range continues to grow with more bespoke vintage map products such as cushions, upholstered chairs and lampshades, all in the making. So keep an eye out for our new interiors collection in 2017 and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about our exciting additions.

Atlas & I Profile picture low res