Why choose Atlas & I for a thoughtful wedding gift

Maps are a wonderful way of decorating your home, they provide intricate details about an area and carry a considerable amount of meaning and sentimental value. Whether you want to remember a special location or celebrate your local area, using vintage maps in your home has never been easier. Not only are vintage maps fascinating to look at, they reveal how an area used to look, and they come in a great selection of hues and can be applied to a vast array of interiors. 


There are many different ways to incorporate a special map into your home or work area, from a simple cushion to a tremendous splashback covering half a wall, there are a great selection of map inspired interiors available for every corner of your home. Whether big or small, vintage map pieces are a beautiful and interesting conversation piece. 



Rebecca and Mike chose to commission Atlas & I to create a selection of bespoke prints to celebrate four different weddings, she gifted each print after the wedding in order to use wedding photographs in each bespoke portrait. Waiting until after the wedding to gift means they could attend each wedding, get a feel for the day and what the bride and groom would most appreciate. Going off-list meant Rebecca and Mike could get copies of the wedding pictures which we then used to create four beautiful prints. Rebecca sent us a selection of photos featuring the happy couples from the different weddings and the locations of each one. We then worked our magic and created bespoke prints for each newlywed couple to celebrate their special day. 

The process we use to translate a wedding photo into one of our bespoke silhouettes, is a detailed and artistic technique. Below we show the journey of how a photo of Emma and Jack is transformed into an intricate silhouette. 


“A pleasure ordering from you and delighted to find a very unique gift for my friend's wedding - they loved it”

Once our prints have been made and packaged, they are collected by our jolly delivery driver and delivered to the lucky customer. Once Rebecca had received her prints, we caught up with her to talk through the process and why she chose Atlas & I. 

Sophie - "Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for choosing Atlas & I to create your wedding gifts. Firstly, how did you hear about us?"

Rebecca - "We heard about Atlas & I through Mikes friend and loved the idea."

Sophie - "We would love to know why you choose to go off-list this wedding season rather than sticking with the safety of a salad bowl or set of towels?" 

Rebecca - "A personalised gift seemed so much more special and unique. We wanted to give our friends a wedding present bespoke to them and their wedding."

Sophie - "We are always interested in how recipients respond to our prints, what was the reaction when you gave the gift to your friends?"

Rebecca - "My friend said how beautiful it was and how she knew exactly where she wanted to put it in the house. It is slightly different to the run of the mill wedding gifts." 

Here at Atlas & I we love creating bespoke prints for weddings and anniversaries and bringing to life the sentimental nature of maps, especially antique ones, which offer a certain charm and beauty. Waiting until after a wedding to gift a bespoke print means combining the gift of a map with a memory of the day. The nostalgic value of our maps and the beauty captured in our silhouettes creates a very personal touch and truly unique gift.