Wedding Gift Etiquette

Maps are a wonderful way of decorating your home, they provide intricate details about an area and carry a considerable amount of meaning and sentimental value. Whether you want to remember a special location or celebrate your local area, using vintage maps in your home has never been easier. Not only are vintage maps fascinating to look at, they reveal how an area used to look, and they come in a great selection of hues and can be applied to a vast array of interiors. 


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In the ever-changing landscape of wedding gift etiquette, there are a few principles that remain true. With wedding season well and truly upon us, we delve into the finer points of wedding gifting to provide you with a little inspiration.

What happened to the one year rule?

As long as we can remember there has been a convention that you have one year after the date of a wedding to present a gift to the couple; however, 365 days do seem a trifle excessive…In the days of air travel and internet, we would recommend sending a gift no more than a couple of months after the wedding.

What is a traditional wedding gift?

Throughout history weddings have represented a moment when a couple embarks on a life (and therefore home) together. The same sentiment holds true for modern couples so you cannot go wrong with a suite of sophisticated home accessories, be it a timeless visitors book, stylish placemats, or even a leather wine cooler.

What does one gift for a wedding abroad?

If sandy shores and azure waters are in store, do not feel obligated to tote your heavy (albeit beautiful) wedding gift around the globe. It is perfectly acceptable to send your gift to the couple’s home address. Or if they are true adventurers, you could always get them a few travel accessories for their far-flung honeymoon. His and her passport covers or travel journals make for a creative and innovative wedding gift for stylish globetrotters.

How can I make it personal?

The best gifts are those that evoke happy memories so why not get their wedding location printed on a leather photo album or their new home map on his and her wrap around notebooks or better yet a set of stationery or correspondence cards with their new married name or address?

About those thank you notes…

Always, always, always send a thank you note. It is good guest etiquette to send your thanks to the hosts of the wedding (whether it’s the couple themselves or their parents). And if you are the one getting married, you should send a note to thank all of your guests for being a part of your celebrations…without exception. Extra brownie points if you happen to write them on you own personalised stationery.

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