The Environmental Effort - Reducing waste as a small business

Here at Atlas & I we are passionate about the environment and keeping the manufacturing of our products as waste free as possible. From the wood used to frame our silhouette prints to the manufacturing processes used to prepare the leather skins for our personalised journals. We believe being kind to the environment, while also creating beautiful products, is best for everybody involved.

To create our beautiful leather goods, we use sheep’s leather which is treated naturally, so it is able to absorb ink when printing vintage maps onto wine coolers, accessories, photo albums and journals. Being environmentally conscious with our leather means, we’re helping the environment, the animals used to create our leather and the hard workers who treat the hide which makes up 23% of the products we sell. By using eco-friendly leather manufacturing, we are bypassing the traditional methods of tanning leather which usually involves copious amounts of chemicals and is notoriously toxic. Instead, we tan our leather using natural and ecological materials including wood from Argentina and naturally extracted fish oils. The leftover waste water used during production is then treated on-site via a facility used to purify the waste, so it no longer contains a substantial number of tanning artefacts.

In addition to using a much safer and environmentally friendly tanning processes, we also pass on leftover leather scraps from production, so they can be used to create innovative new products such as handbags, tablet cases, passport cases and keyrings and therefore means there is even less wastage from the construction of the array of leather goods we produce.

As well as our leather products, each and every Atlas & I item is made in the UK which automatically means it’s better for the environment as vehicles are using less fuel to reach destinations and products travel as little as possible from production to customer. Materials we do have to source from aboard (such as the New Zealand sheep’s leather) is shipped to the U.K instead of flown resulting in a lower carbon footprint for each product we make. Similarly, products we send aboard are driven and shipped rather than sent via the air as it’s far better for the environment.  All office paper is shredding and used to pad our boxes and we are currently looking into recycling all of the non shreddable goods in the office. We also reuse any boxes we receive in the studio to pack up parcels so save on waste even further. The tissue paper we wrap our products in is recyclable as are the boxes we routinely use to send bigger items, so if you order one of our lovely items please do reuse the box or recycle.


Here are some examples of our handmade, sustainable, leather products

Although creating a business that is completely eco-friendly and sustainable is hard, it is important to take small steps in order to help the planet while also creating good quality products and maintaining efficient delivery. We love sustainability and endeavour to continue making steps within the business to lower wastage and help keep the planet healthy.