How we bring antique maps to life

We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love an old map, especially us, so we want to celebrate five years of Atlas & I and tell you about how we bring old maps to life. 

Maps are an integral part of any trip or adventure and hold memories that are often forgotten or kept deep within our smart phones. Through the rise of technology, the art of the printed map and how to appreciate it is being forgotten. At Atlas & I, our aim is to give old maps new life by printing them onto everyday products you can use in your home. Their unique charm and history are part of who we are & is the foundation of our brand.

How we source our maps
Our maps come from a variety of sources. We scour antique map fairs and book shops to find original antique maps and atlases that are out of copyright. We also license maps through national libraries and institutions.  

Map Fair
National library of Scotland
Antique map shop

Making them digital

We carefully remove any bindings to ensure the map sheet is flat. Then the sheets are scanned at high resolution. Some of our suppliers have already digitalised their maps so we add these to our map search database for you to use on our products. 

Creating your product

Once the maps have been scanned they are uploaded onto the database that allows you to view them via our map search page. The antique maps show pretty much every country in the world so you can view, choose and purchase any of our map collection printed onto one of our products. Want to search our archives? Click here to see what your map looks like. 

Old maps given new life

Here are just some of the products that bring old maps to life in your home. 

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