Anniversary Gift Guide

With spring fast approaching and the weather starting to warm, we are heading towards wedding season and a summer full of anniversaries of happy wedding days gone by. Whether you’re celebrating a first anniversary or a fifth, there’s a theme for each year of marriage. From paper in year one to wood in year five, we’ve got you covered with an array of different gifts. 


Although the origins of yearly themes for wedding anniversaries varies, it is thought progressively durable materials represent the strengthening of a marriage over time. Starting with paper for the first year of marriage, moving on to cotton for the second year, leather for the third and linen and wood respectively for years four and five. 


Paper for the first year of marriage is thought to symbolise a clean slate, a fresh start and a new sheet of paper for which to write the story of your marriage on. Why not celebrate this first milestone with one of our sentimental prints, we recommend the stunning personalised couples initials print featuring the first initial of each partner, the map location they got married and a plaque featuring the couple’s names, wedding date and location. 




The second year of marriage is commemorated with cotton, as a marriage becomes increasingly intertwined it mimics the intertwined fibres of cotton. A second year of marriage could be celebrated with the gift of comfort and style. Marking a sentimental location such as the wedding destination or honeymoon location can be done with our personalised map cushion, featuring a vintage map of anywhere in the world. 



Moving into the third year of marriage, leather is used to mark the special occasion. It is believed this is used to symbolise protection, our ancestors used hides to cover themselves from harsh elements hundreds of years ago, and today the same material is used to illustrate the bond of protection demonstrated between a married couple. To honour three years of marriage, choose from a selection of handmade leather products, from a vintage map photo album perfect stuffing full of photographs of the day, or a personalised wine cooler to use while sharing a favourite bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.



From three years to four, one of the different elements used to celebrate is linen (in addition to fruit, flowers and silk), symbolising a strengthening of love within a marriage. Four years of marriage is the perfect occasion to gift a sentimental linen map product. Why not check out our upholstered vintage map chair, featuring natural linen cushion and throw, this is a bespoke product and we source each chair individually upholstered with a map of any location. 




For half a decade of marriage you celebrate with wood, symbolising the growing roots of marriage. Mark this occasion with a personalised drinks tray, made from sustainably sourced spruce wood and featuring a map of anywhere in the world. Alternatively, if you want to keep things simple, pick up a box of personalised location matches with a smart map on the front and full of luxurious matches. 




If you’re past the first five years, why not break all the rules? After all, you know your partner better than anyone else. Choose from a great selection of prints, from shooting to sailing, or homeware to give your dining table a nostalgic touch. However you choose to celebrate an anniversary, we know a vintage map can capture the essence of sentimentality.